Master Tailor And Fashion Designer
Brief info

Since our beginning in 1900 our goal has always been to create men’s clothing that looks great, fits perfectly, made from the world’s best fabric mills and is good value for money. Mr Nadeem khan success is built on understanding the principles of classic tailoring, combining them with modern designs and technology.Have you ever imagined how life would be like without us tailors in this world? Who would make, repair or alter the clothes when its the most important thing when we plan to go for a meeting , a conference or a party. That’s how exactly I understand my customers needs and demands on the perfect men garments and suits to wear for a perfect occasion.

I remember once working in a tailoring company , working 12 hours a day folding clothes and I always knew one day I will be having my own business where I can make my own small world with my own customers face to face. That day has changed my life completely and given me my beautiful world , Prince Fashion. It made an opportunity for me to meet people from all around the world. Travelling to different parts of the world for delivering our customers’ suits is definitely part of our routine now. New Prince Fashion’s main motto is to satisfy our loyal customers. We strive for exactly what’s said and demanded by our customers and for that we make the impossible into possible. We might not even know at times how some things should be altered but all we know is to give what our customer asked us at first place. Our customers’ happiness is our goal and the on going recommendation of our company to other people is the real achievement.
-Nadeem Khan